• Brand: Hitop

Titanium aquarium heater HITOP 500 W

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Dual Temperature Digital Display - This HITOP 500W aquarium heater uses a digital temperature control system, so it can display the set temperature and power in real time at the same time, which is clear to read. There is also a heating indicator to show the working status. For aquariums from 300 to 800 liters.


Titanium alloy heating element and shatterproof - The heating element is made of titanium alloy, which is strong and corrosion resistant compared to other materials, so it is shatterproof and can be used in both sweet and marine water. The impact resistant sturdy cover makes this heater very suitable for large fish tanks and turtle tanks


External Controller - No need to take the heater out of the aquarium to set or adjust the temperature, you can control it through the external controller of this easy-to-use aquarium heater. The temperature setting range is 64.0°F~93.0°F (18.0°C~34.0°C).


Precise temperature control With double probe design, this submersible tank heater can detect the water temperature in time and accurately and automatically start and stop heating according to the water temperature, error within 1 degree.


Overheat Protection Device - Built-in optional overheat protection device, when the aquarium temperature exceeds 34℃/93℉, the heater will automatically shut off immediately to protect your fish from injury.


We provide 12 months warranty for this aquarium heater.

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